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Tim Jernigan Petitions Chris Long to Play One More Year

Updated: May 8, 2019

One of the biggest question marks for the 2019 season has been Chris Long's future. He briefly considered retiring after winning Super Bowl LII with the Eagles, but decided to return and play at a high level once again in 2018.

Once the 2018 season ended, Long has been relatively quiet about what his future held. He did say the itch is still there to play, but he did not want to return to the Eagles in a reduced role. With the team re-signing Brandon Graham, the team has an abundance of defensive ends on the roster (Derek Barnett, Vinny Curry, Josh Sweat), meaning Long's playing time would be drastically reduced.

On Thursday morning the Eagles signed Tim Jernigan back to the roster, and Long's former (or should I say current) teammate took to Instagram to plead for him to bring the band back together for another possible deep playoff run.

Long took to Twitter today to confirm that the Eagles told him his role would be greatly reduced, and he doesn't just want to be a "locker room guy"

So with Long only wanting to stay in the league if he gets playing time, it seems like his time has come to an end. Maybe the Eagles could find a suitor somewhere else for Long and can get a conditional late-round pick to trade him. If the team can't find a trade, it would be safe to assume that Long has played his final snap in the NFL.

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