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Three Takeaways from Doug Pederson’s Opening Press Conference

Doug Pederson addressed the media prior to Monday’s practice, the first padded practice of the offseason. While brief, here were three takeaways:

Carson’s leadership

When asked about his impressions on Carson Wentz coming into this preseason, Doug immediately praised Carson’s leadership. Pederson said Wentz is in great shape, coaching up some of the younger guys, and working very well with the veteran receivers. This is important, as Wentz takes the next step as the leader of this football team.

Impressive Linebacker Group

When asked who in the younger crowd (rookies/2nd year guys) have shown the most so far, Doug immediately began praising the linebacking group. This was a pleasant surprise. Pederson gave guys like T.J. Edwards and Duke Riley praise of their progress so far. This is important, as Edwards will most likely find himself as the Mike LB in a defense loaded with talent elsewhere.

Evaluating Players with No Preseason Games

The coaching staff has their work cut out for them when it comes to player evaluation this offseason. Pederson shared a 10,000-foot view of their plan in evaluating. He told reporters that it is on the coaching staff's job to get the players in as close to game situations as possible, to accurately evaluate talent. Every team has to handle this situation, and if there ever was a year coaching talent had an impact on a season, it’s this one.

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