The Super Bowl Baby Boom is Officially Here

The nine month anniversary of the Eagles winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history is right around the corner. On the night of February 4th, 2018, some Eagles fans partied in the streets, while others partied in the sheets. The ones that partied in the sheets are starting to officially start a family for the first time, or adding to their family by one.

A number of hospitals in the Philadelphia region are reporting their baby booms, and they know most of it has to do with the Eagles Super Bowl victory because there has been an increase in babies named Carson and Nick, and even a girl named "Kelce" (pronounced Kelsey). This is only the beginning of the boom too, as these babies are all coming before their original due date. I'm sure we will get an official report of a total number of Super Bowl babies in the coming weeks with the babies who come out during their expected due date or right afterwards. But soon there will be thousands of new Eagles fans that will have the pleasure to say that the reason they are on this earth is because the Eagles won the Super Bowl.


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