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The Most Memorable Plays and Moments From LeSean McCoy's Eagles Career

On Sunday, LeSean McCoy will be the Eagles honorary captain when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now that McCoy has officially retired as a Philadelphia Eagle, we are taking a look back at his most memorable plays and moments in an Eagles uniform.

Preseason Juke Against the Panthers

It's preseason so ultimately it didn't count for anything in the stat column, but this juke is probably Shady's most memorable one, as he juke two differet Panther defenders and made them run into each other in the process.

Game-Clinching Run vs. Giants

The Eagles needed just one more first down to clinch a victory over the Giants. McCoy got the first down and a whole lot more on this run.

4th Down Touchdown vs Giants

Down by one with just four minutes left in the game, the Eagles were faced with 4th-and-1 at midfield. All Michael Vick needed to do was to pitch the ball to Shady before getting tackled and let him do the rest of the work, which is exactly what happened. One cut later and McCoy was in the open field and chugged his way for a touchdown.

Long Touchdown vs Jets

On 3rd-and-4 it looked like Shady was going to be stopped behind the line of scrimmage, but one cutback and stiff arm later he found the open field along the sideline and scampered his way into the endzone.

Breaking the Franchise Single-season Rushing Touchdown Record

The play itself looks like an ordinary and casual touchdown, but when McCoy scored on this goal line run he broke the Eagles' single season touchdown (20) and rushing touchdown records 17) previously set by Steve Van Buren in 1945. He finished first in the NFL in rushing touchdowns, with 17, and lead the entire league in total touchdowns with 20.

Thanksgiving in Dallas

On 25 rushes, McCoy ran wild in Dallas with 159 yards and a touchdown to help the Eagles secure a win on the road against their most-hated rival. In the process McCoy ruined thanksgiving for millions of Cowboys fans.

Snow Bowl

The Eagles-Lions game in 2013 will forever be synonomous with LeSean McCoy. Shady singlehandedly brought the Eagles back from a 14-0 deficit, helping them win 34-20. With 217 rushing yards in the game, McCoy broke the Eagles single-game rushing record, which he still holds to this day.

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