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The Ghost of Ryan Kerrigan

Did you know that Ryan Kerrigan is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles? Did you know that he has played in every game this season?

It's okay if you didn't realize it, because Kerrigan has been virtually invisible on the field for the Birds. He has now played an NFL-high 108 defensive snaps without a tackle or quarterback hit this season, by far this most in the NFL this season.

Kerrigan signed a one-year, $2.5 Million deal late this offseason (with $1.425M guaranteed). He has been a huge disappointment this season, especially with Brandon Graham going down for the year and the team needing a veteran like him to step up.

Though to be fair, Kerrigan was dealing with a thumb injury in the preseason which is still hindering him now as he is currently playing with a cast (he is hoping to switch to a soft cast soon).

Regardless, if the Eagles want to stay competitive in the NFC East race, Kerrigan is one of many players that needs to step up to the plate soon. Otherwise, the schedule in November and December is going to be boring and anticlimactic.

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