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The Eagles Won't Allow Any "FitzMagic" On The Field This Sunday

A lot has certainly changed since the last time the Philadelphia Eagles have gone up against quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. The last time they faced him, he was playing on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he was able to create some "Fitzmagic" with the "former" former Eagle and now current Eagle DeSean Jackson.

I'm sure you all remember the first play of that game from Week 2 last season, when Fitzpatrick connected with Jackson for a 75-yard touchdown on the first play of the the game. I'll never forget that feeling I had watching that -- my heart just dropped and I was yelling at the TV.

Now on a new team in Miami, the Eagles are more than ready to make sure no "Fitzmagic" happens this time around.

The good news is that the secondary healthy and currently on a hot streak, with the entire defense giving up 17 points or less in four consecutive games. This season they still dealt with injuries but for now, everyone is healthy.

Starting cornerback Jalen Mills was the one covering Jackson on that play last year, but this Dolphins team has no receivers with that type of speed that would burn Mills (although the double-move might still be in play).

This year hasn't been too magical for Fitzpatrick. He was benched earlier in the year, the team overall is pretty much the worst team in the NFL and it feels like they are actively tanking for a top draft pick. They are towards the bottom of the league in all offensive categories: 32nd in rush yards, 27th in passing yards, and 30th in points.

So ultimately there has been no "Fitzmagic" this year for the Dolphins. However, if Fitzpatrick can help the Dolphins (who only have two wins this season) pull off a major upset against a defense that is playing at a Super Bowl caliber-level, I would lose my mind. I have seen my fair share of trap games, but this is almost an impossible loss for the Eagles. They need this win to be tied with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East once again. Thanks to a Cowboys loss to the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving though, the Eagles could actually lose on Sunday and still be in a fine spot to win the NFC East (although let's not even entertain the idea of a loss this weekend).

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