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The Eagles Will Be Removing Their Super Bowl Signs

Eagles fans have been celebrating the team's first Super Bowl victory since about 10PM on February 4th, 2018. With the preseason officially over and week 1 of the regular season a week away, fans are slowly starting to simmer down and focus on this upcoming season. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and his players apparently have put Super Bowl LII in the rear view mirror as well, but apparently they want to make sure there is no evidence that the game ever happened. Pederson talked to front office officials and upper management and told them his players and staff want all reminders of what happened last season be removed from the Linc. Jeffrey Lurie and company listed to him, and will be removing all reminders in time for the Eagles/Falcons game next week.

Malcolm Jenkins was one of the first players to be vocal about his displeasure of the Super Bowl reminders. In an interview this past Tuesday, Jenkins said he wants to add "another I" to the signs, meaning he is looking ahead towards Super Bowl LIII and wants to win that one.

Lane Johnson was informed that the signs will be taken down after the preseason finale, and he was happy to hear that because the signs were annoying him (and presumably other teammates).

Let's hope that next season the team will have to voice their displeasures again when Super Bowl LIII Champion signs will be plastered around the Linc.

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