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Jim Schwartz should find his own way home from Pittsburgh. In no way shape or form, should Schwartz continue to be a part of the Eagles coaching staff after Sunday's loss to the Steelers.

The Eagles have suffered numerous injuries, they have every excuse to quit on the season, and they still had a very good shot at beating the undefeated Steelers on Sunday, until their defensive coordinator single-handily lost the game.

At the most crucial time of the game, the worst player on the Eagles, Nate Gerry, was lined up against Chase Claypool (who played like Jerry Rice) on a third down play, which resulted in a touchdown and the final stamp to a Steelers victory.

Why is Nate Gerry covering Chase Claypool on this play!?

It's bad coaching, a lack of awareness by Jim Schwartz who is paid to put his players in the best position to win the game. It's malpractice by Schwartz to assign Gerry on Claypool, who had four touchdowns on Sunday.

I hate playing the "what if"game, but what if Schwartz assigned a cornerback or a safety on Claypool instead of a linebacker? Maybe the Eagles force an incomplete pass and the Steelers end up with a field goal and the Eagles are left with a good chance to win the game.

When asked why Gerry was lined up against Claypool on that third down play, Doug Pederson said, "Just a great route. Double move."

There was no double move, Doug!

Pederson was then asked a follow-up question: "Do you want a linebacker on a wide receiver in that situation?"

Pederson: "Will have to evaluate the film."

On Sunday, the Steelers offense was 11/15 on third down, and it seemed like Pittsburgh ran the same exact play each time they moved the chains, which was a quick pass underneath to the receivers.

There were zero adjustments by Schwartz to stop this play.

Despite playing with a bunch of Panera Bread employees, Carson Wentz brought his team back in the game after being down by 17 points and put his team in position to win the game. The defense never showed up to Heinz Field, they got lost on the turnpike.

Since the Eagles won the Super Bowl, Schwartz has continued to get a pass for his poor coaching. In fact, his defense gave up over 600 yards in the Super Bowl, and if the Eagles had lost that game, Schwartz would've been fired already.

Schwartz can blame the personnel he has on defense, but Howie Roseman has said in the past that Schwartz has input on the personnel decisions, so he deserves some blame there too.

If the Eagles decide to keep Schwartz, they have to release or at least bench Nate Gerry, who has had an awful season. There is nothing to lose if the Eagles decide to start rookies Davion Taylor or Shaun Bradley. At this point, either player is a much better option than Gerry.

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