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The Eagles Aren't Done Yet, and "Something Fun" Could Be Coming to Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a bit of a shocking win yesterday against the number two team in the entire AFC. The Birds gave the Bills a run for their money; Everyone thought the 5-1 Bills had the game in the bag, but the Underdogs aren't ready to give up on the season yet, we still have plenty of time to fight for a playoff spot and there's always room to improve. I was saying it all day yesterday, the game of football goes either way each week, regardless of the records of the two teams playing. It all depends how you execute your gameplan and the type of energy you bring. If you really want it then you can beat any team in the league.

Now that the Eagles are 4-4 they are looking to do "something fun." Talks have suggested that their are looking to recruit someone that no one has rumored about.

It's like a secret weapon they are waiting to explode onto the NFL scene with. So far the team has added the relatively unknown Genard Avery to the roster, which doesn't really shout "fun", so the "fun" is still out there for the Eagles to take before tomorrow's trade deadline.

Yesterday's game was a peak of light for Philadelphia and gave the hope back to the city that this could still be a good season for the Birds. Now we just have to wait and see what this roster could potentially look like tomorrow evening.

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