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The Cowboys Are Bad, And Their Alumni Think They Could Out-Play Them

The Dallas Cowboys are bad. The Dallas Cowboys are very, very bad. That became evident on Sunday night when they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 23-9 with a national audience watching.

They lost to a team who's quarterback didn't even throw for 125 yards. They lost by double-digits even though their defense created four turnovers. With first-place in the NFC East on the line, they played like they had no desire to be on the field.

That is why former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders posted this message just 20 minutes into Sunday's game.

It's embarrassing to think that there is an actual possibility these 50-or-something-year-old men could potentially play better than the guys who were on the field at Lincoln Financial Field, but it is worth considering.

Watching everyone in Cowboys Land suffering through this season so far has been fun to witness. Even though the Eagles haven't been looking too hot this year either, they are still in first place, which is the only thing that matters. All Eagles fans should take the time to enjoy the Cowboys' misery, which should be expected to last all the way through the first week of January.

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