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Studs and Duds Week 17

They did it! The Eagles made playoffs and now have a home matchup against the Seahawks who are battered just like the Eagles. However, we need to take a look at the Giants game and see who were studs of this game. I only saw one dud on the field but we will get to that last.

STUD: Sidney Jones

His confidence is now here and he has played lights out in every opportunity he has been given the last 4 weeks. The dude has been what the Eagles hoped they were getting when they drafted him in the second round back in 2017. He had a good interception in the game, but also just didn’t allow many passes his way and just did his job wonderfully. Sidney Jones may finally be the answer to this secondary.

STUD: Cre’von LeBlanc

I finally saw him on the field this game and he did not disappoint. This kid is a phenomenal corner and is the future nickel corner for this team for years to come. He, like Jones, just didn’t let up any bad receptions and played his ass off. He needs to be on the field as much as possible for the Eagles to have a chance to make a run at the Super Bowl. If he plays like he did week 17, he will shut down whoever he needs to.

STUD: Boston Scott

How? The Eagles were literally on their 5th string RB and what does he do? He puts up over 100 scrimmage yards and scores 3 TDs. Watching him play, he looked just like Sproles did back in the early days with the Eagles and during his stint with the Saints. Not only can he get into space and speed past guys, he will go up the middle and use some strength to get a few extra yards or a TD. He’s going to have to be a key contributor for them to make a run.

STUD: Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is a phenomenal QB and is clearly a top 5 talent at the position in this league. He was playing with 4 practice squad guys who no one ever heard of except Greg Ward. He was missing his two best linemen in Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks. He didn’t have his top three TE in the league in Ertz. He lost his rookie RB that lead all rookies in scrimmage yards midway through the game. All he did was play solidly all game and ended this weird season with 4000+ yards and a TD to INT ratio of just short of 4 to 1. Wentz has put the team on his back and will continue to carry it as far as this team will go.

DUD: Injuries

How have they lost everyone? At this point, it would be easier to go over who they still have rather than who they lost due to injury. There were a couple more injuries this game and honestly there probably will be many many more. Something needs to be done either about the strength and conditioning people or the doctors. Something is not right.

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