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Studs and Duds of Week 9

Even though the Eagles won on Sunday and had a dominant first half on defense, there are still things about this team to worry about. Being 5-4 at the bye is not what anyone expected back in August, and this game went just like most of the other games from this season. So let’s get into the good and bad.

STUD: Jordan Howard

Trading for this guy was the move of the offseason. Howard has been a stud when they've decided to actually use him this season. He is consistent and can carry the team on his back the rest of the way. Howard had nearly 100 yards again this week and he is perfect for eating up the clock and gaining tough yards. He is a difficult 'back to stop and caused issues even for elite defenses like the Bears.

DUD: DeSean Jackson

Why didn’t he just get the surgery that we thought he needed seven weeks ago? Now we lost out on him all season and need to rely on two receivers that aren’t the most consistent and two tight ends. No one on this team nor in free agency can do what Jackson can for a team. This will really make the rest of the season tough unless the Eagles can make a deal with the devil and sign Antonio Brown. The Eagles shouldn’t have made their offense dependent on Jackson as much as they have, but now it’s too late to fix that mistake.

STUDS: Eagles Defensive Line

I don’t care what happened in the second half of the game, this defensive line really stepped up. They constantly put pressure on the Bears offensive line and created a ton of three and outs and did not make many mistakes. This is what we thought we were getting this year until injuries took over during training camp and the preseason. Trubisky looked scared the whole game and if they can continue this kind of play, this will give them hope to make a playoff push.

DUDS: Offensive and Defensive Coordinator

I get they got a big win and that their defense looked great the first half. However, there is clearly an issue on both sides of the ball with the coaching. Why aren’t they using more creative plays for Wentz and the dynamic players on the offense? Why are they letting receivers get open 40+ yards down the field due to soft coverage? These amongst others are real issues the Eagles face every week due to bad strategies. The offense should be running more two RB sets with Howard and Sanders on the field. Move Ertz and Goddert around on the field. Get Jeffrey better match ups. Just too many issues from a coaching standpoint that can’t be ignored anymore.

STUD: Andre Dillard

He is the rightful heir to the blindside. He shut down Khalil Mack as much as any one player can. This kid is really good and will have a ton of success if he keeps playing how he played on Sunday. I don’t care if Peters is healthy or not, Dillard needs to be the starter for this team going forward. If Dillard keeps starting, this will help the Eagles offense get more time to make some plays.

Who do you think were key players this past week? Do you agree with these or do you think that these are completely wrong? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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