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Studs and Duds From Week 13

The Eagles sucked on Sunday in Miami. Plain and simple. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the coaches and players who's decisions and plays on Sunday put them in stud territory or put them in dud territory.

Dud: Jim Schwartz

He did a good job in the first half, but he did not adjust in the second while Miami did. He has had this issue his whole tenure here. This is, was, and will be his biggest flaw as a defensive coordinator. I wouldn't be surprised if he is fired at the end of the season if the Eagles lose the division.

Stud: Alshon Jeffrey

Alshon finally looked like the Alshon we were used to in being a stud and real threat at WR. He finished with nine receptions for 137 yards and a touchdown. It looks like it is too little too late for his play to help turn the season around. Hopefully he can keep it up and carry it to next year.

Dud: Mike Groh

The team needs to fire him immediately. He has no idea how to adapt to different teams or adjust his game plan for different defensive looks. He also has no idea how to integrate all of his personnel into the offense. He needs to be gone now.

Dud: Doug Pederson

He has similar issues in not adjusting well in games and he also wants to throw too much (Carson Wentz has 170 passes in just the pass four games). Also, how do you not call a time-out before that trick play?!?!? He will keep his job this offseason, but next year Doug's seat will start getting a little warmer if he can't get things back under control. Sunday was the worst game I’ve seen from Pederson as head coach.

After a game where the Eagles scored 31 points, I only had one person that I could comfortably say had a solid game. That is just unacceptable. Everyone else had issues, but weren’t bad enough to be complete duds.

Who do you think should take the brunt of the blame for the loss? Vote in our poll below:

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