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Studs and Duds From Week 12

The Eagles have a big issue. If I had said that a few weeks ago you would assume that our defense can’t stop anyone. However, that has not been the issue as the defense has been lights out the last four games. The issue now (and it's a very big issue) is the offense. I have never seen a team look so ineffective and terrible as the Eagles looked Sunday. Let’s go over who were the players who were solid on the field this past Sunday against the Seahawks, and players who have some work to do.

Studs: Defense

I could break this down into each group such as defensive backs, linebackers, and defensive lineman. However, that would take up too much time and space that will be reserved for the massive duds later on. The Eagles did almost everything right on defense -- they had outstanding coverage with only a couple breakdowns that didn‘t kill them. They got pressure and sacked Russell Wilson six times, which is a hard thing to do. They created two turnovers with a fumble and a pick. They didn’t let up 20 points to one of the MVP candidates this year, and gave the offense a chance to win the game. I could sit here and praise them all day, but it didn’t mount to anything due to the following duds.

Dud: Andre Dillard

I like Dillard as the LT of the future. However, we learned on Sunday that he cannot play RT for his life. He was so terrible that they had no other choice but to take him out for the rest of the game and put in Halapoulivaati Vaitai. I have never seen an offensive lineman look so lost out there in all my years of watching football. You would have thought he never played a snap on the o-line in his life. If he would have stayed in, he might have gotten Carson Wentz killed.

Dud: Mike Groh

Fire him now. There is nothing he can do from here on out to prove to me that he is a competent Offensive Coordinator. This is the second week in a row where the other teams defense knew what the Eagles were running before the ball was snapped and called it out. He has been ineffective the past two years and has shown how great of a coordinator Frank Reich was. Last year he has trouble integrating Golden Tate into the offense, and this year all he can praise is how the wide receivers line up properly. Just to throw this out there, if they fire him they should go for the Ravens QB Coach James Urban as the new Offensive Coordinator.

Dud: Eagles Wide Receivers

Do they practice route running? If they do, they must have terrible practices. I have never seen such sloppy routes in my life. Wentz has been struggling with accuracy the past couple games, but after seeing Dan Orvlosky break down game tape and showing the WRs floating away from their spots, not running slants properly, or just not knowing what their position on the field really is, I can’t put 100% of the blame on Wentz. When you have a WR corps this bad, I don’t know how any QB could be successful. This is something I put on the players, but it also goes back to coaching.

Dud: Carson Wentz

STOP HOLDING ONTO THE BALL WITH NO ONE OPEN! He has had a ton of fumbles doing this because he wants to try and make a play that isn’t there. Wentz needs to learn when to give up on a play and just get it next time or this fumbling problem will continue and so will interceptions and injuries. I know he doesn’t have a ton to work with, but he is now starting to miss open receivers as well. This offense needs to get on the same page the last month of the season, or there will be some major changes coming in the near future.

Who do you think played the worst this past Sunday against the Seahawks. Where do you put most of the blame? Let us know in our poll!

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