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Stefen Wisniewski Doesn't Understand What Lead to His Benching

The Eagles offensive line has been a mess so far this season. They have been allowing Carson Wentz to be hit at an alarming rate. With the team's franchise quarterback coming off of an ACL injury, obviously the number one priority for the team is to limit the amount of times Wentz gets sacked or hit.

For Sunday's game Doug Pederson decided the offensive line needed to be shaken up, and brought in Isaac Seumalo to be the team's starting left guard for the Vikings game, replacing Stefen Wisniewski. Needless to say, Wisniewski was not pleased to find out he was benched.

Seumalo ended up playing mediocre-ly in the game, but the real problem ended up being the offensive tackles - Lane Johnson and Jason Peters.

Peters has been a shell of his former All-Pro self in his first season back from his ACL injury, getting beat a few times already by defensive ends. With Peters having the 3rd highest cap hit on the team at $10.6 Million, he will need to turn things around soon or he will see himself becoming a cap casualty in the offseason.

Johnson ran his mouth this offseason after having one of the best seasons a right tackle has ever had in the NFL, but so far this season he has been beat a few times and has gotten Nick Foles and Carson Wentz hit. A mistake by Johnson in the Vikings game directly lead to the pick-six for the Vikings defense, which ended up being a costly seven points given up in a 23-21 game. After the game Johnson admitted fault for the play.

Seumalo will likely remain the starter at Left guard for the Giants game on Thursday, so he, along with Peters and Johnson, will need to step up in a pivotal game against a divisional opponent.

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