Stats Show How Dominant the Eagles Defensive Line Played Vs. Giants

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Seeing the Eagles whip around the Giants for 60 minutes on Thursday night was fun. The Eagles expressed dominance on offense and defense for pretty much the entire game. The offense put up 34 points, while the defense made sure Eli Manning did minimal damage.

The defense dominating was a breath of fresh air, putting confidence back in the eyes of all Eagles fans. Former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski posted a stat Friday afternoon that showed just how dominant the Eagles defense played.

The defensive line was able to generate so much pressure throughout the whole game, that it allowed defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz to skip blitzing plays, and focus on shutting down the passing game.

If the defensive line can continue to create pressure on the quarterback on their own, they will allow Schwartz to put the linebackers and defensive backs in a position to succeed and limit the passing game which has been the Achilles' heel of the defense so far in 2018.


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