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State of the NFC East: Week 8

Things remain bleak in the NFC East, but there are at least some signs of modest improvement. The Eagles are nearing a .500 record and are getting within striking distance of a positive point differential. In addition, there are no longer any individual teams with more wins than the NFC East has as a whole. For a division that has struggled as much as this one, any positive trends are welcome. Anyway, let's see how things stand as we prepare for the second half of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4-1)

The Eagles delivered another less-than-encouraging performance in Week 8, but it was enough to beat the rival Cowboys. Much like the win over the Giants, there is plenty in this game we could nitpick and fret about, but we'll save that for other articles. Here, we'll just say the defense did what it was expected to do against a third-string quarterback and ultimately carried the Birds to a win. With that win, they retain first place in the NFC East and move to 2-1 in division games.

Next: BYE (Giants 11/15)

Washington Football Team (2-5)

Washington had a bye, which in the 2020 NFC East is an advantage. Not only could Washington not lose, but it was able to benefit from two of the other three teams in the division losing. Washington hangs on to second place without having to take the field.

Next: Giants

Dallas Cowboys (2-6)

Dallas' terrible defense was able to keep the Eagles offense in check, but the offense has been completely inept since losing Dak Prescott despite still possessing a ton of dangerous weapons. While the defense has done the Cowboys in during most of their losses, it was the offense that truly failed them in Week 8. Dallas drops to 1-2 in the division in addition to its 2-6 overall record and is facing an uphill climb.

Next: Steelers

New York Giants (1-7)

We're going to quickly give the Giants some credit. Playing as heavy underdogs, they nearly upset the Bucs on Monday Night Football. They came up short, but credit them for showing up to play. Despite the moral victory, it's about over for the Giants, even in a weak NFC East.

Next: at Washington

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