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State of the NFC East: Week 14

The NFC East was all but decided Sunday when the Eagles lost to the Cowboys in Dallas. It would now take nothing short of a miracle for the Birds to win the division. Let’s look at the depressing state of the NFC East as we basically wait for the inevitable.

Cowboys (8-5)

The Cowboys (and the refs) beat the Eagles on Sunday, all but wrapping up the division for Dallas. The Cowboys would need to lose out while the Eagles win out for the Birds to overtake the ‘Boys. Not great.

Eagles (6-7)

Despite the laughable, unbelievable incompetence of the officials on Sunday, the Eagles still had a chance to win the game and couldn’t get it done. They once again sleepwalked through the early part of the game and were once again unable to make the big play when they needed it. The fact that they were +2 in turnovers and still unable to win tells you all you need to know.

It’s a shame that we’ll be forever in “what if” mode about this game, as if the officials had correctly awarded the Eagles the ball when they recovered a fumble on the opening kickoff, the entire complexion of the game could have changed. In the end it proved too much to overcome and the Birds’ playoff hopes took a big hit as the team couldn’t get the job done.

Redskins (6-7)

The Redskins lost to the Giants as the wheels continue to fall off in Washington. The ‘Skins have lost four-straight, and despite being mathematically alive, they are trending the wrong direction in a big way.

Giants (5-8)

The Giants continue to do the Eagles favors by winning meaningless games and worsening their draft position. Once sitting at 1-7, the G-Men have won four out of five, likely giving away a top-five pick in the process. Thanks, Giants!

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