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State of the NFC East: Week 10

Week 10 was another ugly week for the NFC East. The lone win for the division came in an intradivisional matchup and the hopes of an NFC East team finishing with a .500 or better record took a big hit. It's looking increasingly likely that the division will send a seven-win or worse team to the playoffs. With the Eagles' loss to the Giants, Philly would have to go 5-2 the rest of the way with some tough games coming up to finish above .500. The Giants need to go 6-0 to finish above .500 and 5-1 to finish at .500, while Washington and the Cowboys would both need to go 7-0 to finish above .500 and 6-1 to finish at .500. All of those scenarios feel very unlikely considering no team in the division has won more than three games through 10 weeks. Anyway, lets look at how this mess stands heading into Week 11.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1)

The Eagles suffered an inexcusable loss to the Giants in which their play was beyond uninspiring. We all watched the game, and we've spent the week analyzing and venting, so we won't rehash the specifics here. We'll just say that it was a huge missed opportunity for the Eagles, not only to approach a respectable record, but also to take a stranglehold on the division. A win would have provided them with some much-needed breathing room. Instead, the margin for error is razor thin and the Eagles are facing a brutal stretch of schedule. Not great.

Next: at Browns

New York Giants (3-7)

The Giants beat the Eagles in Week 10, and despite losing their best player early in the season and being left for dead after an 0-5 start are now right in the thick of the NFC East race. The Giants haven't done anything particularly well, but being even average for a long enough stretch is good enough to keep you relevant in the 2020 NFC East. They have won three of their last five games, with the two losses coming by a combined three points, and have looked like the best team in the division of late.

Next: BYE (Bengals 11/29)

Washington Football Team (2-7)

Washington nearly pulled off a miraculous comeback in Week 10, rallying from a 24-3 deficit against the Lions to tie the game at 27 late in the fourth quarter. Unfortunatley, the WFT had a WTF moment, allowing the Lions to gain 34 yards in 16 seconds to set up Matt Prater for a game-winning 59-yard field goal. Classic NFC East right there.

Next: Bengals

Dallas Cowboys (2-7)

The Cowboys were able to escape the misery courtesy of a bye week. They enjoyed the result in the Eagles-Giants game as it allowed them to retain a glimmer of hope as these four teams stumble towards the end of the season and the playoff berth that one of them will get.

Next: at Vikings

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