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State of the NFC East: Week 10

The Eagles’ inability to show any sort of consistency continued last week in a disappointing 27-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The loss put the team’s playoff hopes on life support, but fortunately the division remains open even as the margin for error continues to shrink. Let’s see where we’re at.

Redskins (6-3)

The Redskins took care of business against the Bucs in a bit of a bizarre game. Despite being torched for 501 yards, the Washington defense surrendered just three points thanks to four Tampa Bay turnovers. The offense was less-than-convincing and giving up that kind of yardage is a concern as it’s hard to rely on being a plus-4 in the turnover department on a weekly basis, but the Redskins will take the win and the benefits that come with it.

Washington now sits two games clear of the second place Cowboys, with a 2-0 record in the division and a 6-2 mark in the conference. The ‘Skins are firmly in the driver’s seat and now have clear control of their own destiny.

The Eagles will hope for some help from the Texans this week when they visit the Redskins.

Cowboys (4-5)

Dallas occupies second place thanks to Sunday’s head-to-head win over the Birds. The Cowboys kept their slim playoff hopes alive with Sunday’s win and sit at 2-1 in the division and 3-3 in the conference.

They will look to keep pace when they travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons on Sunday.

Eagles (4-5)

The story of the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles is quickly becoming one of missed opportunities. First there were the fourth quarter meltdowns against Tennessee and Carolina, and then Sunday’s misstep against Dallas.

The Eagles had the opportunity to all but end their rival’s season Sunday night while giving a big boost to their own playoff hopes. Instead they were outplayed on their home field, creating an incredibly difficult path forward and a scenario in which they will likely need plenty of help from other teams if they are to get to the postseason.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the Birds still have to travel to New Orleans and Los Angeles to take on the two best teams in the NFC. With the loss to Dallas on Sunday, the margin for error is all but gone and the team will likely need a win in one of those games to salvage the season, and they haven’t inspired much confidence that they will be able to pull off that feat.

The good news is that the Eagles still have four divisional games remaining, including two against the first place Redskins. If they can go 4-0 in those games, things will at least remain interesting.

The bad news is that the team has an incredibly difficult road ahead, and unless they manage a surprising win or two the rest of the way, they will be doing a whole lot of scoreboard watching.

We’ll see what they can show against a red-hot Saints team on Sunday.

Giants (2-7)

The Giants finally got another win in Week 10, defeating the 49ers on Monday night. They’re done, but the Eagles will hope they can play spoiler in contests against Dallas and Washington.

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