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State of the NFC East: Thanksgiving Treat

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This week's look at the NFC East is a little different, as the Cowboys have already played (and lost) their Week 13 game, giving us a little extra clarity regarding the state of the division. Courtesy of the Buffalo Bills, we know that the Eagles can take a share of the NFC East lead with a win regardless of the other results on Sunday. Let's dig in.

Cowboys (6-6)

The Bills delivered a little extra to be thankful for on Turkey Day, taking down the Cowboys in their own home. The magnitude of the outcome can't be overstated, as the Eagles now have complete control of their playoff fate.

Eagles (5-6)

The formula couldn't be simpler for the Eagles at this point. Win your remaining five games (against the struggling Dolphins, Redskins, and Giants 2x plus the Cowboys) and you are NFC champions. Morale is low in Eagles nation after two disappointing performances in the last two weeks and the Eagles will have to prove they have what it takes to sweep the rest of the regular season and claim the division, but considering the way the season has gone, it's hard to complain about the current outlook.

It's also worth noting that another slip by the Cowboys against either the Bears, Rams, or Redskins would give the Eagles a bit of room for error.

Giants (2-9)

The G-Men continue their trek towards golf courses and beaches, and a top 5 draft pick, with a meeting with the Packers in Week 13. A Giants win would be nice for the Eagles faint Wild Cards hope should the division title route go off the rails, but that feels unlikely.

Redskins (2-9)

The Redskins are right with the Giants on the path to the offseason, but they too could impact the Wild Card race in Week 13 when they take on the Panthers. Again, not something we expect to happen, but you never know.


It's all there for the Eagles' taking. Frankly, considering the competition, if they can't do what needs to be done over the next five weeks then they don't deserve a playoff berth. Despite "what ifs" once again dominating the story of the season, the Eagles find themselves in a strong spot with an opportunity to salvage what has been a disappointing campaign so far.

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