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Spread Your Wings: Week 14 Betting Advisory

In the Eagles' most dangerous betting game of the year, we see the Jalen Hurts-led Birds taking on the Saints. In a normal week, this would probably be an easy bet to decide on, but instead, the Eagles choose to go into the unknown. Weeks like this are where a lot of money is won, and a lot of money is lost. Being that the QB change is the only major adjustment made to the offense, I think I have an idea where this could go.

Week 14 vs NO:

Spread: NO -7.5

Moneyline: NO -360 ; PHI+300

Total: o/u42.5

Smart Money: u42.5

There's a lot of risk with this pick, but hey, that's why it's called gambling. While Saints -7.5 may feel like the obvious choice, the Eagle's defense hasn't been extremely bad. They got toasted the last two weeks but they were playing against two of the best receivers in the league, catching balls from All-Pro QB's. Taysom Hill isn't Aaron Rodgers, and the Saints team is very defense-heavy without Drew Brees. And we all know that the Eagles offense hates points, having gone under in the last six games and a total over-under of 4-7 on the year.

My Ticket:

NYG @ SEA o48

The Jets will lose, but the Seahawks will put up a lot of points and allow way too many points form the jets. 15 is a lot for the spread and I feel a lot more confident in the total here. Also, start D.K. Metcalf.

BAL @ CLE o46.5

I'm rolling with two overs this week. Normally, run-heavy teams eat up a lot of clock and don't score many points. But these two teams turn run plays into explosive chunk plays. This should be a good divisional running battle.

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