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Some Starters Set to Get First Preseason Action Tonight

So far Doug Pederson has been conservative with his projected starters playing in preseason games. The third preseason game is usually seen as the dress rehearsal for the regular season, as in past years teams usually play their projected starters for at least the first half.

Pederson might be following that protocol tonight, as it is being reported that some of the starters will take the field tonight.

With Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson still recovering from injuries, the Eagles offensive line won't be at full strength. That means there's a significant chance that Carson Wentz doesn't take the field tonight. Pederson would be taking an extreme risk throwing him out there without a healthy offensive line in front of him, especially in a preseason game that doesn't really mean much aside from getting practice reps.

We'll find out soon just how many starters will get onto the field, but if Wentz trots out to the field, then Eagles fans will be holding their breath until Clayton Thorson or Josh McCown take the field.

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