Skip Bayless Whines About Eagles Still Bragging About Super Bowl Ring

Ever see a grown man cry and complain on television about a football team? Well if you haven't then you're in for a treat when you watch what Skip Bayless did today.

On Undisputed, Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed the Eagles and how Jason Peters is still telling Cowboys fans to essentially 'kiss the ring.' Bayless did not hold back his kicking and screaming on his least favorite team in the NFL.

Bayless is enjoying playing the shoulda, coulda, woulda game with how the Patriots should have beaten the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Now he puts an unnecessary asterisk next to the Eagles' Super Bowl winning season.

Sharpe was quick to come to the Eagles' defense saying "was anybody who's currently on the Cowboys roster in double-digits in age when the last time they won a Super Bowl?"

You can smell the fear from Bayless with the Eagles. He knows they are gearing up for another Super Bowl run this year, and have a decent shot of being contenders for the forseeable future. Meanwhile, Bayless' Cowboys don't know their future because they are currently in a negotiation battle with Ezekiel Elliott and are snitching about their cover-up of his car accident from a few years ago in hopes to save a few bucks in the negotiations. They haven't even committed to their so-called "franchise quarterback" and now since the Eagles have already paid theirs, they will now likely have to pay Dak Prescott more than Carson Wentz thanks to the likely negotiation tactics from Prescott's agent.

We'll likely hear more moaning and groaning from Mr. Bayless throughout 2019.


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