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Sidney Jones Was the Best Slot CB in the NFL in Week 2

Did you hear Sidney Jones' name be called during the Eagles-Buccaneers game last Sunday? If you didn't, you weren't the only one.

Jones was barely mentioned during the Eagles second game of the season. Usually 2nd round draft picks garner a lot of attention and have cameras on them for most of a game. But on Sunday, Jones was very quiet - which ended up being a good thing.

When you don't hear a cornerback's name, usually that means he did a good job locking down his receiver. That is exactly what happened on Sunday. In fact, Jones played so well against the Buccaneers, that Pro Football Focus named him the best slot cornerback in the entire league for Week 2.

Jones has been solid in the slot so far this season, but with the recent struggles of Jalen Mills, it's worth wondering if the team would consider moving Jones outside. If Jones moved to outside cornerback, either Mills or Avonte Maddox could take over in the slot. The abundance of cornerbacks on the roster gives the Eagles a lot of flexibility, and either during this season or next season, Mills could possibly move to the safety position.

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