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Should the Eagles Reunite With John DeFilippo?

The Jacksonville Jaguars parted ways with offensive coordinator DeFilippo on Monday after a disappointing offensive year. This was not the first time DeFilippo was let go from an offensive coordinator position, as he was fired from the Minnesota Vikings in 2018 after a mediocre offensive season up north. He was also let go from his coordinator position in Cleveland back in 2015 after their offense ranked towards the bottom of the league in most categories.

Still, I have a theory that personalities clashed during both roles, because DeFilippo is an excellent offensive mind. DeFilippo has excellent connections to not just Philadelphia, but to Carson Wentz. John DeFilippo arrived in Philadelphia in 2016 the same year Doug Pederson arrived, and the following season he helped coach the Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl victory in the 2017 season. While his father, Gene DeFilippo was was the athletic director at Villanova, DeFillippo lived in Radnor, PA, which is 20 miles west of Philadelphia.

DeFilippo followed Nick Foles to the Jacksonville Jaguars to be his offensive coordinator for the 2019 season, but unfortunately, that did not work out for either party. Now there is a chance the Eagles could have interest in reuniting with their former quarterbacks coach.

Personally, even though it has not worked out for DeFilippo as an offensive coordinator so far in this league, I still think he needs to be pursued. He knows Philadelphia, Doug Pederson, and most of all helped Carson Wentz during his MVP-caliber season. When you go to coach teams like the Browns, the Vikings and the Jaguars, you are set up for failure even if you have loaded roster with excellent athletes. I believe Howie Roseman needs to give DeFilippo a call and offer him the position, because he deserves a chance for the way he contributed to the staff during the 2017 Super Bowl season.

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