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Seth Joyner Calls Out Fletcher Cox's Poor Play

Fletcher Cox was just one of a plethora of Eagles who failed to step up his game in Sunday's devastating loss to the New York Giants. Against a fairly mediocre Giants o-line, Cox wasn't able to record a sack; he was only able to register one QB hit. He wasn't much of a factor in the running game either, totaling just three tackles. That's not an ideal statline for someone counting $18.1 Million against the cap.

Halfway through Sunday's game former Eagles linebacker Seth Joyner grew tired of Cox's poor play and called him out on Twitter, stating that he is nowhere near to being on the same level as Aaron Donald or even on the level of Jerome Brown.

To be fair to Cox, he is playing better than he did back in 2019 -- he already has the same amount of sacks (3.5) he had in 2019 and his QB hits (7) will likely surpass his 2019 total (10) by the end of this season. But as mentioned earlier, he is the 3rd-highest-paid defensive tackle in the NFL and he needs to play like he is. It feels like we'll never see a duplicate of his 2018 all-pro level (10.5 sacks, 34 QB hits) ever again.

It can be blamed on age or it can be blamed on not being 100% healthy, but at the end of the day he needs to make an impact constantly when on the field for the Eagles defense to be successful, and his impact on these past two seasons haven't been felt as much as it has needed to.


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