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Season in Review: Ronald Darby

With the 2018 season in the rear-view mirror, we are taking a look back at each player's season, and what to expect from them in the future.


Ronald Darby

Season Stats:

nine games, 43 tackles, one tackle for loss, one interception, 12 passes defended


  • Ronald Darby started the 2018 season hot. On a crucial 3rd down right before halftime in Week 1 against the Falcons, Darby was able to accelerate fast enough to smack a ball out of Julio Jones' hands. If Darby doesn't get there in time, Jones easily catches the ball and the drive continues.

  • Later in the same game, in a case of déjà vu Darby once again knocked the ball away from Julio Jones on a 3rd down play.

  • On the final play of the game against Atlanta, the Falcons had a chance to win the game. All they had to was move the ball just five yards across the goal line. Matt Ryan connected with Julio Jones 10 previous times in the game, so of course that was who he locked in on for the final play. Darby was prepared though, and once Julio caught the ball Darby kicked his leg up and folded Jones over his leg to make him fall out-of-bounds. This smart play by Darby secured the Week 1 victory.

  • In Week 2 against the Buccaneers, Ryan Fitzpatrick was getting ready to move his team into Eagles territory. Fitzpatrick connected with his receiver, and Rodney McLeod popped the ball out of the receiver's arms when he made his tackle. Darby was in the right place at the right time, as the ball fell right into his hands for his first (and only) interception of the season.

  • In Week 6 against the New York Giants, Darby had probably his best game as an Eagle. In fact he played so well in that game that he was named to Pro Football Focus' "Team of the Week"for Week 6.

  • Finally in Week 8 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Darby saw Blake Bortles connect with a crossing receiver in the open field. Darby used his blazing acceleration and laid a clean, booming hit on DJ Chark.


  • In Week 5 against the Minnesota Vikings, Darby got his ankles destroyed on one play when trying to cover Stefon Diggs.

  • Obviously another lowlight was Darby tearing his ACL in Week 10 against the Dallas Cowboys. It was especially damaging to Darby because 2018 was a contract year for Darby, and he wanted to get as much gameplay as possible to prove himself and potentially earn a huge contract.

Future With The Eagles:

Unless something changes, Ronald Darby is set to become a free agent next month. There is a chance that Howie Roseman is able to convince Darby to sign a one year "prove it" deal to remain an Eagle for relatively cheap, but according to Spotrac Ronald Darby is projected to have an $80 Million market value if he hits free agency. The Eagles won't have the cap space to afford that kind of deal, so if other teams are in the ballpark then Darby is gone. With the Eagles finding possibly hidden gems in Cre'Von LeBlanc and Rasul Douglas, Roseman might decide to just let Darby go anyway. Jalen Mills and Sidney Jones will be fully healthy too, so the Eagles cornerback depth chart will be very crowded if Darby is brought back.

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