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Season in Review: Darren Sproles

With the 2018 season in the rear-view mirror, we are taking a look back at each player's season, and what to expect from them in the future.


Darren Sproles

Season Stats:

Six games, 29 rushes, 120 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown, 15 receptions, 160 receiving yards, two receiving touchdowns, 10 punt returns, 83 return yards


  • In his triumphant return after missing most of the season with a hamstring injury, Sproles smartly allowed his blockers to do their job and wait for a hole opened for him to burst through into the endzone.

  • Darren Sproles broke Leighton Vander Esch's ankles on the play to get into the endzone and tie the game late in the 4th Quarter for the Eagles.

  • On a 3rd down play in Los Angeles, Sproles didn't have to do much for his big rush. His blockers took care of their assignments and allowed Sproles to go untouched for over 15 yards.

  • Sproles always comes up clutch in crucial situations. On a 4th-down play against the Texans, Nick Foles hit Sproles on a flat route. Sproles beat his defender and had tons of green grass ahead. Right before he reached pay dirt he had to use some strength to make sure he wouldn't be denied.

  • One underrated highlight from Sproles this season was his pass blocking. Sproles is the best runningback on the Eagles when it comes to picking up blitzes to help the QB, and it showed when Sproles returned to the field.


Of course the biggest lowlight was Sproles missing most of the season with a hamstring injury. Most fans were frustrated because of the lack of details that were released by the team about his recovery and never got any timeline of when we could have expected him on the field. If he was available the entire season, the Eagles could have possibly added another win or two to their regular-season record.

Even though he was an effective pass blocker in the playoffs, Sproles didn't really light up the stat sheet in January. On 16 rushes in the postseason he only gained 1.56 YPC. He was slightly better in the passing game, catching five passes for 35 yards.

Future With The Eagles:

Before the 2018 season started, Sproles told media and the Eagles front office that it would be his last season before retirement. After he missed a majority of the season with his nagging hamstring injury, Sproles didn't get to itch that scratch he had and go out on the terms he wanted. This lead to speculation that Sproles would want to return for one more year. Sproles confirmed what the speculators thought, and says he is reconsidering his retirement. The Eagles have made it known that they'd welcome him back with open arms, so now they will just have to play the waiting game. An answer isn't expected from Sproles until later in the offseason/right before Training Camp.

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