Season in Review: Alshon Jeffery

It's been one hell of a season for Eagle's superstar receiver Alshon Jeffrey, even though he might not feel like it right now. Although Jeffrey takes the fall for the loss this season there's so much more good he did this season that deserves appreciation. Let's tale a look back at the ups and downs that made up Alshon Jeffrey's 2018-2019 season with the Eagles.

Seasons Stats:

15 games, 843 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns,  92 targets, 65 receptions, 13 average yards per reception, 52 long receptions, 48 receiving first downs, 1 fumble


  • During the crucial game against the Houston Texans in Week 16, Alshon Jeffrey made an essential catch that contributed to the big win. In the fourth quarter with only under 2 minutes left, Eagles trailed by one. Nick Foles threw a pass to Jeffrey, that he received created a clutch third down.

  • In Week 14 against the LA Rams, Nick Foles threw a long pass down field, Agholor and Jeffrey both saw the pass coming and gravitated towards he ball. As a fan watching we were certain they would collide and lose the ball but Jeffrey won the jump ball getting the first down right at the 10 yard line.

  • Back in Week 7 against the Carolina Panthers, Jeffrey caught a pass that looked to be out-of-bounds but he kept his toes in bounds to receive the first down pass from Wentz.

  • Going back to one of the best games of the season in Week 14 against the Rams, Jeffrey makes a first down pass on 3rd and 6. The catch was made straight down the sideline with a defender right up his back.

  • Jeffrey was on fire during the Rams game. he made another amazing catch for a first down in the second quarter. Jeffrey makes a leaping catch at the 35 and brings the ball to the 24 for a 35 yard catch.

  • In Week 14 against the Dallas Cowboys, Jeffrey caches the first touchdown of the game on first and goal making it a 3 point game.

  • Week 7 against the Carolina Panthers, Jeffrey catches the first touchdown of the game on second and goal.

  • Throwing it back to Week 6 against the New York Giants, Jeffrey catches the first touchdown of a blow out game. At first Wentz couldn't find anyone but as he ran to the right he spotted Jeffrey in the end zone. Jeffrey made a 20 yard touchdown on 3rd and 7.

  • Again, in Week 6 against the New York Giants, Jeffrey caught another touchdown right outside the one yard line on third and goal bringing the Eagles up by 24. Jeffrey makes it into the end zone barely being touched.

  • Jeffrey's first game back was against the Tennessee Titans in Week 4. He made his first catch of the year giving the Eagles a first down in the second quarter of the game.

  • Again in Week 4 against the Titans, Jeffrey makes a leaping catch on 3rd and goal just inside the end zone giving the Eagles a 13 point lead.

  • One of the most important games of the year turned out to be an easy blowout game for the Eagles. In Week 17 against the Washington Redskins, Jeffrey makes some impressive plays. First he catches a first down pass on 3rd and 4 between two defenders. A little later in the game Jeffrey catches the first touchdown of the game bring the Eagles up by 7 with the extra point.


  • In Week 19 against the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, a pass slips through Jeffrey's hands and is intercepted by the Saints bringing them to victory and sending the Eagles home. It was the fourth quarter with a little under 2 minutes left and that catch could have brought the Eagles to a one point lead. In Jeffrey's defense, sources say he played the entirety of the game with broken ribs. In a press conference after the game he takes full responsibility for the mistake and apologizes to the city of Philadelphia. We forgive and still love you Alshon!

Future with The Eagles:

Alshon Jeffrey signed a 4 year, $52 Million extension after the Superbowl win last year, so he has three years remaining on that contract. With the way this season went, we expect to see more improvement and great things from Jeffrey. Hopefully fully healthy by next season, he will only come back stronger and ready to make up for his mistake in playoffs and bring the Eagles to another Superbowl. Jeffrey talks about missing the catch, "It will be with me for a couple of days, but once I'm outta here, it'll be over. I'll be focusing on getting ready for next season for sure."