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Same Results The Second Time Around

The Eagles fell short to the Seattle Seahawks yet again. Philadelphia got off to a slow start, but the Eagles blocked an early Seattle field goal attempt, which made you think that the Eagles would gain moment and end up with a win.

The Birds had no turnovers, and neither did the Seahawks, but the Eagles could not get their offense going. Carson Wentz was knocked out of the game from an unpenalized helmet-to-helmet hit from Seahawks defensive end Jadaveon Clowney. Miles Sanders led the Eagles in rushing yards with 69 yards, and Dallas Goedert led the Eagles in receiving with 73 yards.

The entire Eagles defensive line was quiet, but Malcolm Jenkins led the Eagles in sacks and tackles with the only one on the day. Fletcher Cox led the Eagles defense with the second most tackles with six total.

The Birds were denied a trip to the end zone for the second time this season against the Seahawks, but if the Eagles had any offense on the night, I think the game would have been way different. Josh McCown on the night was 18/24 and 174 yards, but I think he did all he could with what he had out there. So much for the home crowd working in Philadelphia's favor on this day, but I guess Seattle was ready for the hostile environment of The Linc.

The Eagles finished the season with nine wins, but besides winning the NFC East, this was a disappointing season. I will say that if it weren't for all of those injuries, then the season would have ended with more wins, and the Birds would not have had all of those inexcusable losses and potentially could have had a bye week to start the postseason.

Personally, with all of the heat that offensive coordinator Mike Grohl has taken lately, will he still be employed? I have the same question for defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, but I am standing behind Schwartz because of all of the injuries on defense. I guess we will have to see what is to come on the coming days.

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