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Ron Jaworski is on Board With the Jalen Hurts Selection

The Eagles' selection of Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round of this year's draft sent a shock wave around the entire fan base. Most fans seemed to immediately question the selection, and now some of those fans are trying to come around on the idea behind the addition of Hurts.

One famous fan who was shocked by the pick but seems to have liked the idea from the jump is former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski. The "Polish Rifle" recently did an interview with TMZ, and when asked about the selection he said he can see Doug Pederson using Hurts like the current league MVP used to be used:

"The guy has too much talent to have him sit on the could create that package for him just like Lamar Jackson had when he first came to Baltimore."

This take is a breath of fresh air from the "they will use Hurts like Taysom Hill" takes that every analyst seems to have. It is insulting to compare a 2nd round talent like Hurts to the Jack of all trades, master of none that Hill is. The Saints 3rd-string QB is also used on special teams (punt coverage, kick returns, etc), something that the Eagles will absolutely not do with Hurts.

Back in Lamar Jackson's rookie year, he has to sit behind Joe Flacco for the first half of the season. Before his first start came in Week 10 of 2018, Jackson was on the field for 86 offensive snaps (13% of the team's total offensive snaps). In those snaps, he threw just 12 passes and ran 28 times.

Those numbers that Jackson posted should be a more realistic projection for how the Eagles could use Hurts, although Hurts does seem to have reliable hands and could be targeted for a handful of passes.

Jaworski went on to say "you fit him in, you teach him, you groom him, and eventually, you've got a player." For now though, he sees #11 being the franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future, saying "it's Carson's job I believe for a number of years"

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