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Rodney McLeod Among the League's Best Safeties in Coverage in 2020

Back when Malcolm Jenkins departed in March, there were questions surrounding the lone veteran safety remaining -- Rodney McLeod. Would he step up his play, or would teams be able to pick on him?

McLeod has certainly answered the questions, and he has stepped up big time for the Eagles. Through Week 7, McLeod currently has the 2nd lowest passer rating allowed by a safety in the league.

He has stepped up big-time in the passing game, and his interception in Week 4 against the San Francisco 49ers helped the Eagles turn things around and secure their first victory of the season. McLeod has registered 45 tackles and five passes defended in addition to that interception.

McLeod signed a two year, $8.65 Million contract with the Eagles back in March, and through seven games this season that is starting to look like a bargain deal from Howie Roseman.

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