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Richard Rodgers Carted Off Practice Field With Injury

Today the Eagles started their joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens at the NovaCare Complex. In the middle of the practice though, the Eagles lost one of their tight ends, as Richard Rodgers went down with an undisclosed injury.

Rodgers just can't catch a break in his time as an Eagle. He signed with the team last season, and injured his knee in a preseason game which forced him to miss more than half of the 2018 campaign. Now after just recovering from a foot injury he gets hurt once again.

Outside of the Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert tandem, there are three other tight ends on the roster who are healthy (Joshua Perkins, Will Tye and Alex Ellis). With Perkins' experience on last year's Eagles team, he'll likely be the favorite to win the 3rd tight end role if Rodgers' injury is significant.

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