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Return of Kelly Green Jerseys Becomes Imminent

Nostalgic Eagles fans have been begging the team to add Kelly green uniform and helmets back into the rotation ever since they had a glimpse of it back in Week 1 of 2010. However, the NFL had implemented a rule that teams' players were only allow to use one helmet throughout the season, so it made it impossible for the team to use their throwback uniforms. But starting next season, the Eagles (and every other team) will be allowed to bring their old uniform combinations back.

The NFL approved alternate helmets today, but the rule won't be implemented until 2022.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has been a big proponent of this rule change, and there's even been speculation that the team could revert to a kelly green uniform combination permanently. For now through, we at least know that the team will be able to use their famous kelly green combination one year from now, and those nostalgic Eagles fans will finally be able to rejoice.

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