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REPORT: Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas Are Being Mentioned in Trade Talks

NFL teams must have their rosters trimmed down to 53 players by 4PM on Saturday. The Eagles are reportedly having some last-minute trade talks with teams across the league, with Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas being the focus of those discussions.

The Birds surprised plenty of people yesterday when it was reported that Craig James earned a roster spot and a one-year contract extension. James' spot on the roster being cemented means that one of Jones or Douglas will likely be off the roster by 4PM.

Howie Roseman is smartly calling around to try to trade Jones and/or Douglas either for some picks or for a player. Everyone knows that the Eagles need offensive line depth, so a cornerback-for-lineman swap is certainly feasible. At one point Jones was considered one of the top cornerback prospects in the 2017 Draft, but he has basically earned a bust label in Philadelphia. Since he had so much potential coming out of college, there may be a few suitors for him that believe he just needs a change of scenery.

Douglas has shown some flashes and made some momentum-changing interceptions as an Eagle. But his lack of speed makes him vulnerable against any receiver with a speed burst. There could be a suitor for Douglas if their defenses in need of a potential ballhawk (or a developmental safety prospect).

We'll find out in just a few hours if any team is willing to take a risk in trading for Jones and/or Douglas.

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