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REPORT: Eagles to Start Nick Foles Week 1

The Eagles will be without their franchise quarterback for at least the first game of the season, as the Eagles are reportedly not going to start Carson Wentz, and are planning to start Nick Foles against the Atlanta Falcons.

In the report, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport mentions that this is a "long-term decision for the face of the franchise." That statement sort of gives the impression that Wentz might possibly miss a few more weeks as well, as there really isn't too big of a difference for an extra week of rest.

The Eagles are playing things safe, which is what they should be doing if they want to be contenders for the next decade. The first quarter of the Eagles schedule isn't brutal, and as long as Foles and the Eagles can play average football until Wentz gets back, Wentz should be able to make sure the team makes the playoffs this year.

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