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REPORT: Eagles Personnel Anticipate an Eventual Wentz Return

Before Week 14 kicked off, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport published an interesting article regarding the Carson Wentz situation. In the artcile, Rapoport details some of the conversation and opinions going on in the background at the NovaCare Complex.

The key line in the article was "there are many strong voices in the organization who believe Wentz can still be a very good quarterback in the NFL." Rapoport went on to mention that those who hold that opinion on Wentz feel he just needs a reboot, and step back to look at the big picture and he would soon get back to what he was. "They anticipate Wentz returning to the forefront. They believe he's fixable."

The article did point out though that if Hurts impresses in one start, he'll get another start as the team will ride the hot hand. If he impresses in all four remaining games, it would make things complicated for the front office.

Obviously Hurts impressed in his first career start as he helped lead the Eagles to an improbable win over the New Orleans Saints. It's still too early to speculate about the 2021 season, but if Jalen Hurts impresses in the remaining three games, it could be the nail in the coffin for Wentz's career in Philadelphia "(that scenario) would likely lead to Wentz being available in a trade -- hard to imagine the former franchise starter being OK coming to camp to compete for a job, for instance."

With Wentz struggling, most of the fan base started to assume that Wentz would be hard to trade due to his massive new contract. However, those concerns will be unfounded accrding to Rapoport. "Based on conversations with several decision-makers across the NFL, Wentz would have more than enough suitors to create a robust trade market. After speaking with several GMs, not one believed Wentz was done as a starter....His remaining salary -- four years, $98.4 million -- would be below average for a legitimate NFL starter. Very tradeable. If a team or teams believed Wentz could start, the money isn't an issue."

So even with a division title unlikely at this point, the last three games of the season will be extremely critical and important to pay attention to. The future of the franchise will be determined over the next three weeks.

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