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REPORT: Eagles Have "Real Interest" In Laviska Shenault Jr.

It's not really a secret that the Eagles desperately need to add a wide receiver or two (or three) this offseason. The question is in which way will the team address the hole: free agency or the draft? Or both? There's been growing murmurs around all of football that the Eagles won't be afraid to use off of their high draft picks on a young college receiving prospect.

According to the, the Eagles have real interest in Colorado's Laviska Shenault Jr.

The article was initially about Shenault Jr. being one of the last athletes to have a courtside interaction with the late basketball legend, and Philadelphia native, Kobe Bryant. Bryant had an Eagles hat on at the game, and Shenault Jr. was lucky enough to be seated next to him. They ended up chatting during the game, and Bryant eventually brought up that Philadelphia "sure needs a wide receiver", to which Shenault Jr. replied, "Aye, I can get the job done for you."

We previously wrote a full draft profile on Shenault Jr., and our writer Mike determined that he would be a solid receiver for Carson Wentz to have for the foreseeable future. One thing we do know is that if Shenault Jr.'s is selected by Howie Roseman, that the move would have been given a thumbs up from the Black Mamba himself.

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