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REPORT: Eagles Have Been in Talks With Broncos About Four Different Players

Sitting at 3-4, the Eagles are at a crossroads. They have lost their four games by a total of 15 points, so it's understandable if the team feels like it doesn't need to make any drastic changes. Fans are calling for changes though, and so far it seems like Howie Roseman is on board with that idea. A new report has come out that Roseman has contacted the Denver Broncos about four of their players: Chris Harris Jr., Bradley Roby, Emmanuel Sanders and DeMaryius Thomas.

Adding Harris Jr. or Roby would give a boost to the Eagles secondary. Sanders or Thomas would give Carson Wentz another reliable target on offense, although Sanders would be the preferred player to bring in - Thomas has a $17.5 Million cap hit next season.

Make no mistake - Howie Roseman is going to try to make an impactful move to help turn this season around. We will find out what that move is within the next week.

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