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REPORT: Eagles Expected to Pick Up Nick Foles' Option

The Eagles have made it clear that Carson Wentz is the starting quarterback in 2019 (and the many years that follow). However, the future of Nick Foles is a lot less clear. Today, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport revealed an interesting nugget of news regarding Foles' future: his $20 Million 2019 option will be picked up by the team.

Rapoport goes over the possibilities this move will bring for Nick Foles and for the Philadelphia Eagles

1) Nick Foles then gives the Eagles $2 Million to "buy" his freedom from his contract and become a free agent (Rapoport believes this to be the most likely scenario).

  • This would give the Eagles a choice to then franchise tag him (~$23.1 Million cap hit) and then try to find a trade partner who would want Foles for one season.

  • The Eagles could choose to allow Foles to use his $2 Million buy out, and be content with receiving a compensation pick for Foles in the 2020 NFL Draft (likely a 3rd-round pick).

2) If Foles doesn't exercise his buyout option, the Eagles could keep Foles on his one-year, $20 Million deal, but trade him to a team that wouldn't mind the cap hit.

3) If Foles doesn't exercise his buyout option, the Eagles have the option to keep him around as a $20 Million back-up QB (extremely unlikely).

A lot of dominoes are still left to fall in this Foles situation, but now we likely know what the first domino will be.


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