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REPORT: Brandon Graham's Odds of Staying in Philly are "50/50"

With Free Agency set to kick off in just over two weeks, the Eagles will have a lot of tough choices to make regarding the players they want to keep or add to their roster. One of the hardest choicest has to be deciding to keep Brandon Graham or let him walk to a new team. The city of Philadelphia will always have a soft spot for Graham after he stripped Tom Brady in Super Bowl LII to help the Eagles bring home their first Lombardi Trophy.

Eagles beat reporter for ESPN Tim McManus put out an article predicting if Eagles who are pending free agents will stay with the team or sign with a new club. In that article, McManus dropped an interesting nugget of news about the possibility of Brandon Graham staying in Philadelphia:

"One source close to Graham put his odds of staying in Philly at 50/50. But the allure of a bigger payday might be too much to pass up."

McManus did end up predicting that Graham will ultimately leave Philly, but a 50/50 chance actually seems like good odds for the Eagles, since it seemed like a forgone conclusion he was leaving when the Eagles were officially eliminated in the playoffs. Graham has also made it known he is willing to take a "slight hometown discount" to stay with the Eagles if they have an offer that is close enough in price to a leading bidder. With a ton of great defensive end talent on the free agent market this offseason, the Eagles might be able to keep Graham an Eagle for life if that is their goal next month.

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