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Referee Gives BS Reason for Why He Didn't Call Clowney's Hit a Penalty

The Eagles entered Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks undermanned, missing several key players on both the offensive side of the ball and the defensive side. It also didn't help that the Eagles lost their quarterback because of an unnecessary hit to the head from Jadeveon Clowney. Fans and NFL media personnel all agreed that Clowney's hit should have been a 15-yard penalty, but the whistles remained silent from the zebras.

When asked specifically about the play after the game, referee Shawn Smith claimed that the hit was incidental, which is why no flags were thrown.

The hypocrisy from the referee when Smith says "he was a runner and he did not give himself up" shows because earlier this season, Wentz had a rushing touchdown taking away from him this season because of a similar play.

The NFL has a referee issue that needs to get solved sooner rather than later. Roger Goodell needs to stop employing "part-time referees", and instead make them full-time employees so that they can fully immerse themselves into the NFL rulebook and stop contradicting each other all of the time. The league has plenty of money to pay for full-time refs, so it's time to get that movement rolling.

When Carson Wentz went down with a concussion, it just became too much for this Eagles team to overcome. Who knows how different this game would have been if Wentz doesn't get injured, or if Clowney gets a 15-yard penalty on that play or gets ejected.


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