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Recap of a "Quick" Day Three of the 2020 NFL Draft

The Eagles came into this draft with one thing on their mind -- speed. It seemed like unless you were an offensive lineman, your 40 time was in the 4.5’s or lower. After a questionable first two rounds, they really found their footing and ended up building a really good draft class by adding players that can absolutely help this team. Whether it be as starters or just adding depth at important positions, the Eagles found some help that they desperately needed for 2020 and beyond. I want to quickly (pun intended) go through all the men the Eagles selected this afternoon.

Round 4, Pick 127 K’Von Wallace, Clemson, Safety

Wallace is a defensive back that likes to just dish out pain. He is a good coverage safety that acts more like a nickel or dime secondary player but will add great depth and even has the potential to be our new strong safety if Jalen Mills doesn’t work out there.

Round 4, Pick 145 Jack Driscoll, OL, Auburn

Driscoll is a big man with a lot of experience and was primarily tackle in college. He did work out at center as well, so Driscoll may be the guy they try to develop to eventually take Kelce’s spot if he pans out. The only thing that is worrisome about Driscoll is that he doesn’t have the best hand placement when run blocking and his arms are shorter than you would like. However, people said Kelce was too small for center, and he let them know they were wrong in a big way.

Round 5, Pick 168 John Hightower, WR, Boise State

John Hightower is another speed option, but in a different way. He has real good speed, but he also runs very smooth, good looking routes. He also has great size at 6’1” and ran a 4.43 40 yard dash. Watching this guy’s tape, I saw a young Demaryius Thomas. I really like this guy and think that he has a solid chance to be an excellent receiver in the NFL, and really provide some help to Carson Wentz in a way that none of our other receivers can

Round 6, Pick 196 Shaun Bradley, LB, Temple

Bradley is a solid pick as he is a tough linebacker and has good speed as a defender. He did struggle a little due to his size, but there plrenty of examples of other linebackers in the NFL that are a little smaller that have dominated. He is already familiar with the area, the fans, and the life of Eagles fans since he is a local guy. He will continue to have his home games at the Linc and hopefully he gives us some excitement there (I also may be bias being a Temple guy myself).

Round 6, Pick 200 Quez Watkins, WR, Southern Miss

Watkins is F-A-S-T. He Ran a 4.35 in the 40-yard-dash and his tape is ridiculous when you see him just burn right by guys. When he catches the ball, he just turns on the jets and doesn’t allow people to touch him or catch him from behind. The one big thing that he needs to improve is his physicality, as physical corners can actually shut him down by just pressing him hard and getting hands on him early.

Round 6, Pic 210 Prince Tega Wanogho, OT, Auburn

Can we just call him Big W? He is basically the replacement for Big V and I am shocked he dropped this low. This guy is a phenomenal talent and can immediately make an impact on the field. I love everything he does on the field and I think he will be the backup tackle for the team. If Andre Dillard doesn’t produce, don’t be surprised to see him sneak in to LT and take over the position. In my opinion, this is the best pick of the Eagles draft by far.

Round 7, Pick 233 Casey Toonhill, OLB, Stanford

Toonhill is someone that I like a lot as well, and he will have a good opportunity to be one of the top options at linebacker this year for the Eagles. He has the speed needed at the position and is built like a classic linebacker. He is great at providing pressure and exceptional at stopping the run. The only thing that he struggles with is coverage. Point blankly, he just isn’t good there. Jim Schwartz might just use him as a hand in the dirt blitzer. If he is able to improve that, do not be surprised to see him as the new reliable linebacker for the Eagles.

Honorable Mention: Trade with San Francisco for Marquise Goodwin, WR

The Eagles stole the 49ers speed receiver with a swap of 6th round picks. If Goodwin stays healthy, he will be a fine contributor for the Eagles and add even more speed to the speed movement that the Eagles are on.

After seven rounds, and a couple questionable decisions, I will give the Eagles a passing grade on this draft. Watching more tape on Jalen Reagor, I am getting more and more excited about that pick. Hearing Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson justify Jalen Hurts being the backup and possibly using him how New Orleans uses Taysom Hill, makes me hate the pick a little less (still don’t like it though). Every pick after these two I feel the Eagles have done a great job and really have helped the offense and defense tremendously. After probably cursing out Howie for an hour last night, Carson Wentz is now salivating over some of the receivers he now has in his repertoire. I don’t like grading every pick as one can be great and the next can be terrible, but overall I would give the Eagles a B for their 2020 Draft. In three years we'll have to look back and see just how good (or bad) these picks turn out.

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