Reactions to Possible 1st Round Selections For the Eagles

With the Eagles currently sitting with the 21st overall pick in the draft, there is plenty of uncertainty in who they will select, mainly because of the many different directions the teams in front of them could go. The most recent mock drafts written by "experts" have the Eagles selecting a wide variety of players.

Bearing that in mind, a few of our writers have decided to list all the realistic prospects the Eagles could choose with their first-round pick, as well as give our opinions on if that prospect is the selection at #21.

Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

Andrew: Not the sexiest pick, but he should be able to contribute right from Week 1. His ability to play both outside and in the slot will give Doug Pederson the ability to use him as a weapon in any personnel. Hopefully his versatility doesn’t end up like JJAW’s, where he is able to be put at every position but excels at none of them. 

Dylan: Not the number two receiver I would like, but I don't expect the Eagles to land CeeDee Lamb so I wouldn't complain much with this pick. He's not worth their highest pick in my opinion, but if it was the second receiver they picked in the draft (via a trade-up back into the first round) it would be a good pick.

Chalie: This is the pick I think most likely happens. Jefferson has the talent to be one of the better slot receivers in the league, but he is going to have a tough time transitioning to the outside. He has good speed, decent size, and good hands. I Would not be sad with this pick. 

Spencer: I really see Jefferson as Howie’s guy at pick #21. He can beat coverage downfield and really be someone who would get open for Carson Wentz. Unless Howie trades up or Henry Ruggs III drops to #21, I think Jefferson will be an Eagle. He’s a great all-around receiver who Eagles fans should be excited about. 

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Patrick Queen, LB, LSU

Andrew: People will boo this pick because it isn’t offense, but he will be plugged in right away as a starter on a team that desperately needs linebacker help. I’d prefer another linebacker prospect, but Queen will still get the job done. 

Dylan: With the Eagles linebacker situation the way it is, this would be an amazing pick. He would be able to contribute immediately in his first season. 

Spencer: It’s no secret the Eagles defense has a hole right in the middle of it. The team desperately needs help at the linebacker position. Luckily, Howie has boosted the secondary and stacked up the defensive line, but the linebacker position is lacking. Patrick Queen would be a great pick up who would help that position immensely. He’s a quick and physical player with great tackling skills, something that the Eagles defense also needs to help stop the run. 

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C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida

Andrew: This is the scariest pick, as it feels like recent top Florida cornerbacks have been busts lately (Vernon Hargrave, Teez Tabor, etc.). He’s still considered a top cornerback in this draft though, so I like the prospect of him reaching his potential and teaming up with Daris Slay to shut opponents’ passing games down. 

Dylan: The next shutdown corner who is able to turn his hips fast and get up to full speed to stay on target. He is someone the Eagles lacked last year, so I'm all on board with this pick -- no question about it. 

Spencer: We still need help at corner, but I’m not sure if he is our guy. Henderson had a great 2017 season with four picks, two of those resulting in touchdowns. However, in his 2019 season he had no interceptions. He is a good player, but I’m not sure if he would be a great Eagles pick. 

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Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor