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Ranking the Top Five Moments This Past Decade Against the Cowboys

In the past ten years, the Eagles and Cowboys have had some absolute thrillers with a few blowouts here and there in favor of each team. Since 2008, the Cowboys led the head-to-head match-up against the Eagles by a total of 11-9 (a lead the overall series 66-52). That might sound bad, but let's not forget the Eagles have a Super Bowl win since 2008, while the Cowboys seem to be at a crossroads with Dak Prescott under center.

Today we are reminiscing about the last 10 years of the rivalry by ranking the Eagles top five moments against the Cowboys since 2008. Let’s take a look back, starting with a boom in 2010:

5) DeSean Jackson turns a standard 10-yard comeback route 91 yards to the house (2010)

With 11:43 to go in regulation, tied at 20, the Eagles began a drive backed way up at their own nine yard-line. All it took was a laser from Michael Vick, and Jackson was off and running. Without his cannon for an arm, that throw at the very least would’ve been defended, if not picked off.

4. Jordan Matthews walks off with a 41-yard touchdown in overtime (2015)

Sam Bradford’s only highlight during his time with the Eagles, other than being traded to Minnesota for a first round draft pick (lol) and his MVP preseason performance against Green Bay in 2015, occurred against Dallas. In overtime, Jordan Matthews began his route inside, turned around and ran outside dusting Byron Jones, and getting past safety J.J. Wilcox for the game winner. Awesome.

3. Alshon Jeffery catches a touchdown dagger on fourth down (2017)

With just over 12 minutes to go and Jake Elliot shaken up, the Eagles faced fourth and five from the 17. Despite being up 23-9, Pederson kept his offense out on the field and Carson Wentz delivered a strike over the middle to Jeffery. The ball was placed pretty perfectly in some heavy traffic, but Jeffery’s ability to catch the ball with his fingertips, maintain control, and fall a couple of yards into the end zone for the score is remarkable. I feel like I haven’t made it clear yet, THIS WAS ON FOURTH DOWN.

2. Brandon Boykin ends Dallas’ season; clinches the NFC East for the Eagles (2013)

In 2013, the Cowboys were 8-7 when the 9-6 Nick Foles-led Eagles made their way to Arlington, Texas for a matchup that would determine who won the NFC East. Unfortunately for Dallas, Tony Romo went on injured reserve just before the game forcing backup Kyle Orton to start. With just under two minutes left, the Cowboys trailed by 2 points and only had one timeout. Orton threw a bad ball behind Miles Austin, and Brandon Boykin picked it off. Instead of trying to return it, he purposefully fell down, and ultimately sent the Eagles into the playoffs.

1. Brian Dawkins strip sacks Tony Romo; Chris Clemons scoops the fumble for a long touchdown (2008)

Brian Dawkins is the ultimate Eagle for so many reasons, and in 2008, his final year with the team, he delivered some of his most powerful moments, including a strip sack in an all out demolition of the 9-6 Cowboys. Once again, both teams were fighting in the final game for a playoff spot. Down by 24 in the first few opening minutes of the second half, the Cowboys ran a trick play that saw Jason Witten tossing a deep pass to Terrell Owens. For a moment, it looked like the Cowboys were going to show some fight, until Tony Romo was strip sacked by Dawkins off a safety blitz. Chris Clemons picked up the loose ball in stride and returned it for the touchdown, all but guaranteeing the Eagles a victory and a Wild Card playoff meeting with the Minnesota Vikings.

The birds can inch closer to first place in the NFC East with a win on Sunday night, and they’ll need Washington to continue losing in order to fully grab hold of the division. The struggling Cowboys have every reason to be scared of this matchup that can all but end their season. Let's hope the Eagles can make an outstanding play that we can add to this list!

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