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Ranking the Top 5 Eagles Plays of All-Time

The Eagles have had their fair share of legendary plays in their 85 year history. My personal top 5 are as follows:

5) Elliott's Bonus

We all remember this amazing kick from the insane 2017 season. The Eagles were tied with the Giants with one second left. A 61 yard field goal separated them and a 2-1 record. Wentz was even caught on microphone saying if Elliott made the field goal he'd give him his game salary (which he did). Elliott confidently stepped up to a roaring Linc at midfield and kicked a field goal that shocked fans all over the country.

4) Gifford's Death Sentence

It is said that this hit was the greatest in NFL history. In 1960 the Giants needed a touchdown to take the lead over the Eagles. Bednarik clotheslined Gifford, who was trying to get to the sideline to stop the clock, forcing him to fumble the ball and allowing the Eagles to recover the football and win 17-10. Gifford was knocked out of the game and many Giants fans thought the hit killed him but he assured fans Bednarik did nothing wrong. Gifford missed the entire next season recovering from the hit.

3) Miracle at the Meadowlands Part 3

After revisiting this crazy game/play, I'm so excited to see Jackson back in action with the Eagles. This game has been coined as "Miracle at The Meadowlands Part 3." The Eagles were trailing far behind the Giants at 31-10 with only 8:17 left to play. Some how they managed to score 28 points in those final minutes led by Mike Vick with a 38-31 victory. The play that finished it was DeSean's walk off 65 yard punt return to break the 31-31 tie and bring the Eagles to victory. This win helped the Eagles win the 2010 NFC East title.

2) Run to the First Super Bowl

In the 1980 during the NFC championship game against the Dallas Cowboys, Wilbert Montgomery rushed for 42 yard touchdown, making the Vet erupt in cheers. This run boosted the Eagles enough to give them a 20-7 win over the Cowboys, sending them to the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

1) The Philly Special

If you expected any other play to be number one you're crazy. This play goes down in history as one of the best and most risky plays that assisted in the Eagles winning their first ever Super Bowl. There was 38 seconds left in the first half, Eagles were fourth and goal just outside the one yard line and of course Doug Pederson going for it. But they didn't go for it in any ordinary way. They pulled off one of the greatest trick plays the world has ever seen. Nick Foles slipped off to the side and caught the ball for a touchdown, since no one was expecting it he was wide open and sealed the deal.



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