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QUIZ: Can You Name All 61 Players From the Eagles 2018 Super Bowl Roster?

In case you forgot for some reason, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl one year ago. It was a season that will be talked about in the city of brotherly love for generations to come. Obviously when telling your grandkids about that season, there is gonna be a handful of players that will be mentioned during that story time. On the other hand, there will be some players that fall through the cracks and never talked about when mentioning that historic season.

Can you name every starter from the season? How about the benchwarmers who were always inactive? Or how about the players who were on IR during the run? An Eagles fan recently created a quiz you can take to test your knowledge of the Eagles 2017-18 roster. You can take that quiz here and see how well you remember the 61 players who got Super Bowl rings.

If you wish to skip the quiz and still want to look at who was on the roster, here is the list of the 61 players, and how often they were submitted by fans who already took the quiz (CAUTION: CONTAINS SPOILERS IF YOU PLAN TO TAKE THE QUIZ)

A few thoughts on the results so far:

  • The handful of fans who forgot to list Nick Foles should be thrown in jail (just kidding...kinda).

  • Donnie Jones being submitted more than Zach Ertz (caught game-winning touchdown) and Brandon Graham (forced game-changing fumble) is mind-boggling.

  • Wendell Smallwood (who was inactive for the Super Bowl) being remembered more than players like Trey Burton and Derek Barnett is also fascinating.

  • The player submitted the least amount of times who actually played in Super Bowl LII was Bryan Braman (35.1%). When I took the quiz, he was the only player I missed.

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