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Pro Football Focus Names Two Eagles to Their 2018 All-Pro Team

This 2018 season didn't start out so hot for the Philadelphia Eagles, but they finished strong and found themselves in the playoffs just four games away from a possible Super Bowl repeat.

2017 was a much better regular season for the Eagles, but Pro Football Focusonly picked one Eagle to their All-Pro list that season: Jason Kelce. This season, the Eagles doubled their presence on PFF's All-Pro list, as Kelce was named back to the list along with Fletcher Cox.

Here is what PFF had to say about Jason Kelce's stellar season:

"Kelce is still hands down the best center in the NFL and the fact that he didn’t even make the Pro Bowl is a joke. No center can execute more blocks and more consistently than the Eagles center. He also added a career-high 87.7 grade in pass protection this season for good measure."

PFF also had good things to say about Fletcher Cox, saying Aaron Donald is the only defensive tackle that can be called better than Cox:

"No one can touch Donald’s production, but Cox was in rarified company, as well. His 95 total pressures this season were the most we’ve ever seen from a defensive tackle not named Donald."

The Eagles are great on both sides of the trenches, and these two players are the cream of the crop. When the postseason comes around, the teams with the best lines are ones that tend to make the longer runs in the playoffs, which is exactly why Eagles fans have some high hopes for another parade down Broad Street.

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