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Pro Football Focus Keeps Showing Love to the Eagles

Pro Football Focus is a pretty controversial football data group. Some fans worship everything they say, while others don't even give their data and rankings the time of day. No matter which side you are on, you're gonna enjoying hearing that PFF really loves the 2019 Eagles on paper.

Before the season starts they are releasing their rankings of the best position groups in all of football from worst to best. They say the Eagles have the best offensive line, pass-rush, and receiving corps in the NFL.

The most disputed group that PFF claims are the best is the Eagles receiving corps. Other fans are saying the receiving trio of Alshon Jeffery, DeSean Jackson and Nelson Agholor isn't as good as the trios on Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Kansas City. However, those fans making those claims also didn't realize that PFF was taking tight ends and running backs into consideration as well. The combination of Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert is the most lethal tight end duo in the NFL. Plus Corey Clement and Darren Sproles are two running backs who know how to catch out of the backfield and turn a screen into six points.

Make no mistake: this is the most-hyped Eagles team in franchise history (yes even more hyped than that 2011 team who's nickname shall not be said out loud). Now we just need to wait and see if everything on paper translates to wins on the field.

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